Workshops to build your remarkable BRAND

Eliminate Confusion - Look Professional - Grow Your Business

Do you struggle with your brand?

  • Your business is losing money because of your branding and marketing?
  • Customers do not appreciate your service?
  • You feel you are not in control of your reputation?
  • Your website looks like the 90s and you feel emberassed to share it to someone?
  • You do not exist on the internet?
  • Does marketing make you have a panic attack?

Branding Workshop only works for B2C Service Businesses

We work only with professionals who have chosen a career to help other people. They have invested time and effort to become an expert. They are in service for the long run. They will be here in a decade, serving with their knowledge.

  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Medical Professions
  • Life Coaches
  • Writers
  • Financial advisors
  • Small Service Businesses
  • Non Profits
  • Manufacturers
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • ... and more!

If your customers use the internet, then you have to build a remarkable BRAND.

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5 minute brand building

3 videos to clarify your brand and grow your business

What makes Branding workshop so different?

Branding Workshop is the only workshop currently in Hessen/Germany, which is 20% theory and 80% application. It is built on a easy and efficient process that eliminates the confusion for the small business owner and focuses exclusively on what is needed to build brick by brick a remarkable brand.

The Branding Workshop is an intensive 2 days event where you get your sleeves up and actively work on your business. Some say it’s like business school, design school and marketing school for small business owners.

The average marketing agencies are focused on implementing complicated, complex solutions that are used for corporations with a high number of employees, processes, and large budgets. Solutions for those companies are NOT what the small business owners need and can afford.

Looking professional, helping your clients understand the value of your services, grow your business, and accomplish that while keeping control over the whole branding process is what the branding workshop is here to assist you with.

The workshop language is English and German. Our Native German Speaking Experts will assist you in building your branding materials in one of the two languages.

Live 2 days intensive branding workshop

What Is My Investment?

How much does the lack of branding cost you? How many customers can’t understand how you are valuable to them in the abundance of so many options? How many people are passing up on your expert advice only to end up badly served by non expert people? Can potential customers understand 100% that you are the expert they need? Having an outdated and invisible brand hurts not only your business but the people who need you most, because they are the one who ultimately benefit by working with you.



Seats are distributed to individuals who can not afford the cost of the workshop but who are dedicated to help people with their expertise. Selection through interview.
  • First Day Workshop
  • 30 min Coaching Session
  • 1 Day Life Workshop
  • Discovery
  • Personal Workbook
  • Customised Support
  • Brand Asset Library
  • Feedback
early bird


$ 495$ 895 /seat
Discover and Build, Supported By Branding Experts, The Tools Necessary To Make Your Brand Remarkable. Only 9 seats available.
  • 2 Days Life Workshop
  • 30 min Coaching Session
  • Discovery
  • Personal Workbook
  • Customised Support
  • Brand Assets Library
  • Feedback
  • 3 Logo Propositions
  • Customised Branding Assets
  • Done For You Website
  • Done for You Business Cards
1 seat


$ 1495$ 3895 /brand
We Build A Remarkable Brand For Your Business. You Will Be The Case Study In The Workshop.
  • 2 Days Life Workshop
  • 2 Hours Coaching Session
  • Discovery
  • Personal Workbook
  • Customised support
  • Brand assets library
  • Feedback
  • 3 Logo Propositions
  • Customised Branding Assets
  • Done For You Website
  • Social Media Branding
  • Done For You Business Cards
  • 1 min - Your Brand Video

*Registration Fee does not include accommodation or travel expenses

Dates and Location

28-29 March 2020

25-26 April 2020