Not advisable advertising

Approach for a fitness business that i advise against.

When you create and ad for your business it must solve a problem. But more importantly i believe it must serve your customers. 5 min read -  the...

The number one complaint: I don’t like my website.

As I researched the number one complain customers have about after the collaboration with Webdesign agencies, the number one complaint seems to be this one. In this 7...

Interior design is your superpower ? We help you shine.

#Bemarcable case study - 6 min read Jacques Philippe Deco Jacques Philippe is a passionate interior designer that lives in Alsace, France. He is what some call a “late...
Bemarcable do this one thing right

Do this one thing right

  As a business owner, educating yourself about branding, marketing, advertising, design and everything related has become a lot easier. Nowadays, with the new trend in manufacturing as much...
bemarcable - build your business then your logo

Building a business comes before the logo

If you are just starting out into the journey of entrepreneurship this article is a must read for you. It will save you money, frustration, broken dreams. I...
#bemarcable supermarket commercials

Super U, E.Leclerc, Cora, Kaufland and Auchan could all use this

5 min read Super U, E.Leclerc, Cora, Kaufland, and Auchan are all very successful supermarkets and most have one store in my vicinity. I shop mostly from Super...
#bemarcable - how you see your website

Why you do not need a website

The question that comes up first thing after someone understands what I do for a living. Do you think I need a website? Is it worth having one? Most...
bemarcable customer loyalty

Customer loyalty and why you want it

7 minutes read Customer loyalty is what all business owners are dreaming about. The benefits of having people who are loyal to our products and service are well...

Why Ryanair should be copying Wizz Air

In popular culture, copycats have a bad reputation. In business, this is another story. Earlier this year, Wizz Air was named by many publications as Ryanair’s copycat when...