Not advisable advertising

Approach for a fitness business that i advise against.

When you create and ad for your business it must solve a problem. But more importantly i believe it must serve your customers. 5 min read -  the...

Interior design is your superpower ? We help you shine.

#Bemarcable case study - 6 min read Jacques Philippe Deco Jacques Philippe is a passionate interior designer that lives in Alsace, France. He is what some call a “late...
Bemarcable do this one thing right

Do this one thing right

  As a business owner, educating yourself about branding, marketing, advertising, design and everything related has become a lot easier. Nowadays, with the new trend in manufacturing as much...
#bemarcable supermarket commercials

Super U, E.Leclerc, Cora, Kaufland and Auchan could all use this

5 min read Super U, E.Leclerc, Cora, Kaufland, and Auchan are all very successful supermarkets and most have one store in my vicinity. I shop mostly from Super...
bemarcable customer loyalty

Customer loyalty and why you want it

7 minutes read Customer loyalty is what all business owners are dreaming about. The benefits of having people who are loyal to our products and service are well...